Meeting Mr. Wright Excerpt + Giveaway!

Meeting Mr. Wright by Cassie Cross
Publication date: April 17th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

  Callie Kirkpatrick promised herself she’d never fall in love again.

  After catching her boyfriend Ethan cheating on her, Callie decides to retire from the dating game at the ripe old age of twenty-four. Unfortunately for Callie, she’s going to have to see Ethan at her best friend’s upcoming wedding. Stranded in the airport during a weather delay on her way to the nuptials, Callie meets Nate Wright. He’s sexy and uncomplicated, and a one-night stand is just what the doctor ordered for a girl with a broken heart. Callie thinks she’ll never see Nate again —until he shows up at the wedding.

  Nate is hell-bent on making Callie forget about her ex, and he makes her question whether she was ever really in love with Ethan at all. As she begins to fall for Nate, Callie wonders if promises were meant to be broken…

  Gabby looks at me with wide eyes as she grabs my arm and leads me to a bench a few feet away where we can talk without worrying about anyone overhearing us.

  “What. Was. That?” she asks. “I was hoping you two would hit it off, but I never thought…”

  I’m not really sure what to do now. I know I should tell her, because she’s my best friend and I’ve never kept anything from her. I don’t think I could keep this from her, even if I tried. It’s bound to come out at some point, and at least if I let her know now I can be the one who’s in control of it. But once I tell her about my history with Nate, I know she’ll start waxing philosophic about fate or something equally ridiculous. Gabby’s such a hopeless romantic, bless her. 

  I might as well get this over with. 

  “Nate’s the guy,” I tell her. “The one from the airport.” 

  “Are you kidding me?” She’s so excited that I’m a bit worried that she’s going to hyperventilate. “What are the odds of that? Holy shit.”

  “I bet they’re pretty long,” I tell her. Seriously long. “But I know that look on your face, and it’s not-”

  “It’s fate,” she says, clasping my hands in hers. “How can you think it’s anything but fate, Callie?” 

  “I can think it’s a coincidence, Gab. Because that’s what it is.” It’s a delightful, scary coincidence. 

  “He likes you.” She’s not going to give up very easily.

  “Stop it.”

  “Maybe one day-”

  “No,” I say firmly. I don’t want her getting any more ideas or thinking that she can just bulldoze through my plans with her iron will. “You know I don’t want that.” 

  She rolls her eyes, but I shoot her a death glare that lets her know that I’m not kidding. 

  “He’s the best man and you’re the maid of honor. I paired the two of you up at the bridal party’s table and everything.” 

  I sigh. “As long as that’s all the pairing up you do, that’s fine.”   

  “It might be out of my hands. He’s super charming,” she says slyly, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. She’s always doubted my commitment to my new life goal of never having my heart smashed again by someone I stupidly fall in love with. I wonder what it’ll take to get her to believe that I’m serious.  

  “I think I’m aware of how charming he is,” I tell her. I mean, the man charmed my pants right off. “How come I haven’t met him before? I don’t even remember ever hearing about him.” 

  “You knew Ben had a brother,” she says in a not-so-subtle chastising tone. 

  “I knew he had a brother, but I didn’t know he was hot.” I didn’t know he was Nate. 

  Gabby rolls her eyes. “When was I supposed to tell you that? When you were dating Ethan or when you were swearing off men?” 

  “Swearing off love,” I correct her. She has a point though, I don’t try to argue that. 

  “Oh, excuse me,” she says, smiling. “He lives in Boulder and manages a chain of sporting goods stores, in case you wanted to know.” 

  “I didn’t,” I say, even though that’s a tiny white lie. I shouldn’t want to know, that’s the real issue here. 
“The way he looked at you, Callie,” she says dreamily, and I can tell that I’m not going to like where that train of thought is heading. 

  “Can we please stop talking about this now?” 

  “If we stop talking about this, I’m dragging you to the garage to help me make centerpieces.” 

  Arts and crafts time sounds like paradise compared to twenty questions. I stand and brush off my pants. 

  “All right, let’s go.”

Dress Up That Cover #4 - Doll Bookmarks

  Dress Up That Cover is a new feature where I create an outfit based merely on the cover, not the story nor what the characters would wear. Colors of the outfit will all be taken from the cover design, so the books may be ones that I haven't read yet. All sets will be created via Polyvore.
  I'm kind of cheating today. Instead of the usual posts, I would post bookmarks that I have made in Polyvore. Don't worry, they're based on the book covers too! These bookmarks have been made a long time ago, and I just want to get a chance to show them. There'll be three - Anna and the French Kiss, Divergent and Beastly. Just click on the images to be referred to the original set page.

Blog Tour Review: Bird After Bird

Title: Bird After Bird
Author: Leslea Tash
Series: N/A Standalone
Genre: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Publication Date: April 6th 2014
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

  Dear Birdy, Princess Birdzilla von MuffinStuff, Keeper of Dreams, Lover of our Fine Feathered Friends, queen of my life and light of my world, I hope this letter finds you well. If you are reading this then I am gone, and sweetheart, I am so sorry.

  Chi-town professional Wren Riley is 25 and a rising star in the business world. She can eat a man alive and laugh about it to her girlfriends in seconds flat--and she does, on the regular. Behind the power suits and the flashing, flirty eyes, however, Wren has a secret, vulnerable side. Following a devastating loss and the discovery of a bird journal she and her father made together years before, Wren sets out to seek peace, closure, and something she just can't name. Is that something tied to the little paper cranes she keeps finding along the way?

  Laurence Byrd grew up a lanky Hoosier kid with the good/bad fortune of having the same name as the state's perennial basketball legend. With a better affinity for dogs than sports or school, he ends up in the Army instead of the Chicago art school of his dreams. Still, his service to our country is something he can be proud of--until an argument with the girl who means the world to him results in a series of events that blows his life apart. With no one left to understand him, black sheep Laurie pours out his heart into letters and drawings he never intends to send--then he folds them into paper cranes that he leaves behind like messages in little winged bottles. He never dreams someone might be finding them.

  God damn it, Sylvia, for a few moments I tricked myself into feeling really alive. I cut it off before anyone got hurt, but just for a moment or two, I really thought I might feel something again--something like trust. Something like love. Not the kind of love we had, but something new. Something like hope.

  Spoiler alert: Wren and Laurie are going to meet. And when they do, their lives are never going to be the same.

   Before I start the review, I would like to thanks Inkslinger PR and the author for a copy of this book.

  To be honest, before I read this book, I didn't really expect much from it. Sure, the synopsis was interesting, but it didn't look so great. I still signed up though, because I wanted to know about the origami birds mentioned in the synopsis, and I was glad when I got a spot. I started reading immediately, and it opened up really great.

  Bird After Bird started with Wren reading a letter from her deceased father, and from that point my expectation rose. It's not often we see how close a father and daughter could be in novels these days, especially when the mother is dead. (Don't worry, this isn't a spoiler.) Most books these days feature broken families, and when one of the parents is dead, the other becomes distant, but this one isn't like that. I also liked how from the start there where hilarious conversations so that the whole book wasn't that serious. It started out really great, but as I read on, I became disappointed.

  I loved how there was a romantic build-up, not just sudden romance, but I hated how Wren was. She was annoying, and even after admitting that she loved Laurie, she still gave up easily. I loved how Laurie still connected with Donna and Lew, and I love those two characters too. I loved how these two characters learned to let go of the past and had closure through their journey towards each other, and I love the bird letters too!

  Overall, I loved bits and pieces of the novel, it was hard to appreciate it as a whole. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed this book, but I can't help but feel that I was let down or disappointed, especially after the very promising start of the novel. I still encourage people to give this a try though, because I know it's a matter of taste. 3.5 stars for this one!

The Geography of You and Me Excerpt

The Geography of You and Me
Published on: April 15, 2014
Published by Poppy

  Lucy and Owen meet somewhere between the tenth and eleventh floors of a New York City apartment building, on an elevator rendered useless by a citywide blackout. After they're rescued, they spend a single night together, wandering the darkened streets and marveling at the rare appearance of stars above Manhattan. But once the power is restored, so is reality. Lucy soon moves to Edinburgh with her parents, while Owen heads out west with his father.

  Lucy and Owen's relationship plays out across the globe as they stay in touch through postcards, occasional e-mails, and -- finally -- a reunion in the city where they first met.

  A carefully charted map of a long-distance relationship, Jennifer E. Smith's new novel shows that the center of the world isn't necessarily a place. It can be a person, too.


     “Yeah, but if it’s the whole building, this could take a while,” he said, slumping against the wall. “And my dad’s not around this afternoon.”

    “My parents are away, too,” Lucy told him, and she could just barely make out the expression on his face, an odd look in her direction.

    “I meant ’cause he’s the super,” he said. “But he’s just in Brooklyn, so I’m sure he’ll be back soon.”

    “Do you think…?” she began, then paused, not sure how to phrase the question. “Do you think we’re okay till then?”

    “I think we’ll be fine,” he said, his voice reassuring; then, with a hint of amusement, he added: “Unless, of course, you’re afraid of the dark.”

    “I’m okay,” she said, sliding down the wall until she was sitting on the floor, her elbows resting on her knees. She attempted a smile, which emerged a little wobbly. “I’ve heard monsters prefer closets to elevators.”

   “Then I think we’re in the clear,” he said, sitting down, too, his back against the opposite corner. He pulled his phone from his pocket, and in the dim light, his hair glowed green as he bent his head over it. “No signal.”

   “It’s usually pretty iffy in here anyway,” Lucy said, reaching for her own phone before realizing she’d left it upstairs. She’d only run down to grab the mail, a quick round trip to the lobby and back, and now it felt like a particularly bad moment to find herself completely empty-handed.

  “So,” the boy said, tipping his head back against the wall. “Come here often?”

  She laughed. “I’ve logged some time in this particular elevator, yes.”

  “I think you’re about to log a lot more,” he said with a rueful smile. “I’m Owen, by the way. I feel like we should probably introduce ourselves so I don’t end up calling you Elevator Girl whenever I tell this story.”

  “I could live with Elevator Girl,” she said. “But Lucy works, too. I’m in 24D.”

  He hesitated a moment, then gave a little shrug. “I’m in the basement.”

Stacking the Shelves

  These are the books that I got from NetGalley. Thank you NG and respective publishers! Also, yay me for self control! :D

  One Broke Girl is for a review opp, and the rest are for blog tours. Thank you YA Book Bound, Xpresso Book Tours, Netgalley and Edelweiss for these! :)

  I bought these for a signing on April 26th, but it turns out I couldn't go. :(( So much for buying the books in advance this time!

  I got these bookmarks from the amazing K.C. Hilton! Thank you for these! :D

  Oh, oh! And I made this sleeve for my Kobo! Don't you just love the colors? :D Check out other things I make here

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